A sports-betting neophyte’s adventure with help from a proNews 

A sports-betting neophyte’s adventure with help from a pro

A sports-betting neophyte’s adventure with help from a pro

Bettors, position your bets — or should you’re like me, are seeking immediate help from the man wearing a blazer coated in $100 bills.

When I walked into Monmouth Park racetrack on Thursday, I didn’t recognize what to be expecting. I had prime hopes and a couple of bucks to drop following Gov. Phil Murphy’s legislation passage this week, but i know not anything approximately sports.

I in an instant turned to a couple good-hearted gamblers, who explained things like “12/1” odds and the how on the planet a workforce may also be favored when they were given a “-140” subsequent to their name.

My first sportsbook savior was once a guy named Blackjack Fletcher. He caught out like a sore thumb, rocking the cash blazer, gold jewelry and shades indoors. Oh, and that i’ll never forget his mild-up kicks.

“These sneakers that fluctuate colors don’t pay for themselves,” he informed me earlier than giving me my first lesson on sports gambling.

We reviewed my having a bet sheets — Wimbledon, the sector Cup, Global Collection, and ultimate evening’s Yankee sport. Fletcher, a qualified gambler from the Action Community, steered I bet on Simona Halep To Girls’s singles. He politely defined how 12/1 intended that i wished to guess $1 so as to win $12, and the ins and outs of aspect spreads.

I additionally learned that considering the fact that France was -ONE HUNDRED FORTY favorites of their fit against Australia, I’d need to bet $ONE HUNDRED FORTY in order to win $ONE HUNDRED.

they’d a -1 ½ subsequent to their title, which is the selection of goals they were expected to win via.

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All bets are on! Gamblers flocked to Monmouth Park racetrack…

Looking For further assistance on my World Cup bracket, I stumbled upon Casey Johnson and his crew of friends who had simply come over from a wake of all issues. They suggested me to move in advance and wager on France, but I wound up going with Brazil. Don’t ask me why.

Still bewildered, I headed against the closest teller. He had simply taken a $15,000 bet. i was preserving $15.

“The minimum is $2,” the teller mentioned. Phew.

Amassing the lessons I discovered from Johnson and Blackjack Fletcher, I bet $5 on Roger Federer and $2 on Simona Halep to win at Wimbledon; $2 at the Yankees to win the sector Series; $2 for the Yankees to win against the Tampa Blue Jays on Thursday evening; and a couple of world Cup wagers.

If I win, perhaps I’ll give you the chance to buy a $ONE HUNDRED bill blazer of my very own.

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