Do-gooders issued citations for offering food to homelessNews 

Do-gooders issued citations for offering food to homeless

Do-gooders issued citations for offering food to homeless

A dozen do-gooders in California have been issued citations — for providing meals to homeless other people in a public park.

The dozen volunteers mentioned Sunday had been a part of a bigger group in El Cajon, protesting a city ban on sharing food in public spaces, the San Diego Union Tribune mentioned.

“If I’m going to be arrested for one thing, permit or not it’s for feeding the homeless,” Matthew Schneck advised NBC San Diego. “I’m not going to make an apology for doing the correct thing.”

Schneck was one among approximately 50 people who attended Sunday’s adventure in Wells Park. Everybody — including a 14-yr-old boy — handing out meals to the needy was passed a misdemeanor quotation.

El Cajon City Council members handed the food-sharing ban in October, pronouncing it will assist give protection to other folks from hepatitis A, which had unfold amongst local vagrants.

An legal professional representing the twelve people stated mentioned the ordinance is a again-handed try at getting rid of the town’s homeless other people and a primary-modification infringement.

“It was once actually a cover,” mentioned legal professional Scott Dreher. “Folks were complaining homeless other folks will come to the park in the event you supply them free stuff.”

“It’s discriminatory against a vulnerable class of people. Undeniable and easy,” he delivered. “And on best of that, it abridges the first Amendment rights of the people who want to feed them.”

However councilmembers said if other people really want to assist the homeless, they need to volunteer at food banks and shelters.

“They don’t must feed them within the park the place it might lead to a problem according to the health authorities,” stated councilman Bob McClellan. “if they want to lend a hand the homeless, have a look at the list of places. All they must do is learn the listing.”

The dozen volunteers may just face a $1,000 wonderful and prison time.

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