Dorit calls Camille Grammer ‘sad and pathetic’News 

Dorit calls Camille Grammer ‘sad and pathetic’

Dorit calls Camille Grammer ‘sad and pathetic’

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” have “spared” us no drama this season.

Dorit Kemsley stopped via Web Page Six on Tuesday to dish on her Twitter feud with co-big name Camille Grammer.

It All began when Grammer, FORTY NINE, tweeted that Kemsley, 41, and Brandi Glanville didn’t have “tough” first seasons at the show because production “spared so much of ridiculous things they stated and did.”

When Kemsley spoke back asking what feedback she was once referring to, Kelsey Grammer’s ex said, “even Kyle Richards was concerned FOUR you,” prompting Kemsley to inform her to “discover a hobby,” including that Grammer’s behavior is “becoming sad and pathetic.”

Following the heated trade, the Beverly Seashore by way of Dorit fashion designer told us that even though she’s not usually one to “clap again” on social media, she found the tweets from Grammer to be “ridiculous” and “unnecessary jabs.”

She delivered that in production, they movie “so much, I imply a lot,” and it’s “as much as enhancing to select what they want to place in.”

Even Supposing she admits she does have so much of respect for Grammer, in her opinion, Housewives simply don’t get spared.

“That’s no longer the identify of the sport.”

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