Giraffe’s head shatters car windowNews 

Giraffe’s head shatters car window

Giraffe’s head shatters car window

A car window shattered on a giraffe’s head when a panicked couple wound it up as the giant creature reached into their car for food.

The couple was driving through West Midlands Safari Park with their window down when the giraffe reached into the passenger window of their car. Shocked, they wound up the window, which then shattered on the giraffe’s massive head.

Onlookers filmed the encounter, which happened yesterday, as park bosses launch a probe into how it happened.

During certain areas of the drive-through safari at West Midlands Safari Park, visitors are permitted to feed some animals from their vehicles.

But under park regulations, windows should be kept half shut while visitors are instructed to keep their hands outstretched outside the vehicle while doing so.

This plucky giraffe appears to take its chance and comes between two vehicles before dipping its head into the passenger side of one car.

Within seconds, the animal’s head becomes trapped between the roof of the car and the glass of the car window and bursts into shards.

Onlookers filming the shocking incident are stunned into silence before asking: “Oh God – are you alright? Do you want me to try and call someone?”

While the female passenger of the second car says she’s fine, the man behind the camera says: “We might need to call someone…I think the giraffe might have glass in it as well.”

The female passenger in the car also says there’s glass “everywhere.”

A spokeswoman from West Midlands Safari Park told The Sun Online: “As this incident is under investigation, we cannot currently comment.”

“However, the giraffe was checked over immediately by staff and sustained no injuries from the glass.”

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