Harvard’s war on Christians, how ObamaCare’s failing blue states and other commentsNews 

Harvard’s war on Christians, how ObamaCare’s failing blue states and other comments

Harvard’s war on Christians, how ObamaCare’s failing blue states and other comments

From the right: Harvard’s War on Traditional Christians

Harvard loves churches that fully conform to “modern liberalism and the opinions of the meritocrats who teach and study at the elite university,” suggests Commentary’s Sohrab Ahmari. But it has little tolerance for strands of Christianity that conform “to the faith’s timeless moral teaching and uphold its sexual anthropology.” Indeed, Harvard “is now determined to ostracize, censor and ultimately root out orthodox Christianity from a university that was founded to train ministers in the Puritan tradition.” Under pressure from “a ravenous progressive mob,” Harvard has suspended and defunded its largest on-campus evangelical fellowship for removing a student leader involved in a pre-marital same-sex relationship. Which raises a troubling question: Is it “still possible to come to peaceable terms with the liberal state?”

View from abroad: Working With Europe’s Autocrats

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s landslide victory in Sunday’s election “disappointed European liberals,” asserts Bloomberg’s Leonid Bershidsky, “but it drives home an important truth: The limits of the acceptable on the right flank of European politics are moving further to the right.” Orban frequently is described as “Europe’s black sheep” thanks to his support from the “outcast crowd” of “the far-right fringe.” But he’s actually far more mainstream, thanks to his “deft balancing act” “between the center and the right.” Moreover, unlike other fringe-party leaders, “Orban is not an outsider because he is a consistent winner.” And despite his reputation, Hungary’s elections “are sufficiently free and fair for the country to remain a democracy.” Which means the EU “can no longer pretend that Orban is isolated or a failure.”

Political scribe: How O’Care Is Failing Blue States

Despite efforts by President Trump and the GOP Congress, “ObamaCare is still kicking” and “even appears to be fairly stable,” observes The Week’s Ryan Cooper. But “in terms of operating the way they were advertised, the ObamaCare exchanges — the signature part of the law — must be judged a failure.” Nowhere is this more evident than in “blue states that are trying their best to make the policy work.” Because, thanks to “stupid policy design and declining insurer participation,” blue-state liberals “who are trying hard to make the policy work are inadvertently shifting cost burdens to their poor citizens, while coverage is much cheaper in apathetic red states.” His suggestion: “Throw this mess in the garbage, upgrade and streamline Medicare and give it to everyone.”

Foreign desk: The Terrible Cost of Bam’s Syria Failure

Four years ago, recalls The Atlantic’s Kathy Gilsinan, “it almost looked as if chemical attacks on Syrian civilians would stop” after then-Secretary of State John Kerry said the US had struck a deal to get “100 percent of the chemical weapons out.” But, she notes, “there were two important and deadly loopholes”: First, Bashar al-Assad did not declare everything; second, the deal did not cover chlorine gas. Yet there have been 200 documented chemical attacks in Syria since 2012, many involving chlorine — the most recent this past Saturday. Which means that military “strikes on regime targets following last April’s sarin attack” haven’t achieved disarmament, either. Sadly, serious discussion of protecting Syrian civilians only seems to take place “when dozens of people — men, women, children — have already choked to death in their homes.”

Culture critic: Brave New Age of Gender-Neutral Kids

More progressive parents “have decided to liberate their children from the chains of gender,” reports Margaret Wente at The Globe and Mail. They give kids gender-neutral names, refer to them by gender-neutral pronouns and buy them gender-neutral toys. To Wente, it’s “the latest example of blank-statism run amok.” By which she means the “romantic belief that environment and culture are wholly responsible for human behavior.” But we “need to admit that human beings are also profoundly shaped by their genes,” and “gender is far more influential than many people are willing to acknowledge.” Asks Wente: “Is it really fair to make your kid the subject of a social experiment, no matter how righteous you think it is?”

— Compiled by Eric Fettmann

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