Jeff Lewis’ surrogate sues over ‘Flipping Out’ birthNews 

Jeff Lewis’ surrogate sues over ‘Flipping Out’ birth

Jeff Lewis’ surrogate sues over ‘Flipping Out’ birth

Jeff Lewis’ surrogate is taking him to court docket over her look on “Flipping Out.”

Alexandra Trent filed a lawsuit in opposition to the interior dressmaker and space flipper, his partner Gage Edwards and Bravo on June 12, claiming that she never consented to have their daughter’s delivery filmed. She additionally claims she needed to cancel some other surrogacy agreement after Bravo aired pictures she didn’t know existed.

Trent is suing for intrusion, purpose infliction of emotional misery, fraud and public disclosure of personal information, consistent with the documents got by way of Page Six on Thursday.

She claimed that she met the couple on January 7, 2015 “after answering a classified ad on a surrogacy website posted anonymously by Lewis and Edward via their lawyer” and idea their creation used to be going to be an off-the-cuff assembly. Instead, she claimed, she used to be passed a liberate on the valet stand and had to signal it immediately so that they could film the assembly for “Flipping Out.”

Trent alleged that she made it transparent to the couple that she didn’t wish to have her lifestyles proven at the display, however they requested her to movie “certain scientific techniques” during her pregnancy regardless. She additionally claimed that the couple and the manufacturing corporate in the back of “Flipping Out” reassured her that they’d not film the start for the display, but cameras were still rolling while Monroe Christine Lewis was born in 2016.

She additionally alleged that she used to be unaware that Bravo aired the photos “till she was at a industry networking experience” and “a business affiliate informed her that the delivery was once broadcast … to her utter horror and dismay, she was once additionally told that Lewis had made disgusting comments approximately her frame.”

“Trent used to be horrified to discover that the show broadcast Trent’s bare legs and blurred-out vagina as the baby emerges, which Trent explicitly told Lewis, Edward and production company AE was off limits,” she said within the suit. “In a voice-over interview that performs even as the delivery is happening, Lewis states: ‘Had I known, if i used to be a surrogate and i had identified that there has been going to be an target market, I most certainly might have waxed.’ Lewis is going on to state that Trent had a ‘big’ vagina and then smirks.”

“There are some folks in our society who will visit any duration essential to succeed, get consideration and get ratings no matter who’s harm along the best way, even supposing it’s the lady go gave start to their kid,” she asserted.

Lewis and Edwards did not right away get back to us, however Lewis commented at the topic by the use of Twitter along with his same old wit, writing: “Was Once she expecting an excellent reference?” and “i assume we won’t be the use of her once more.”

“that is like a blow to the pinnacle. we are completely blindsided by means of this,” Lewis additionally informed FOLKS. “we are simply devastated. i believed we had a pleasing relationship, a friendship. We handled her like a longer member of the circle of relatives. so you can imagine that is beautiful stunning.”

“And that is where I’m so upset. As A Result Of, on one hand, I don’t want to tarnish this most wonderful experience of my life. We couldn’t be more grateful to this woman for birthing our child. we are indebted to her… we’re so totally thankful to her, because with out her, we wouldn’t have Monroe. However on the other hand, these are fabricated claims and are completely bogus and without merit. This smells to me like a monetary shakedown.”

A rep for Bravo declined to comment.

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