Love Island stars Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood argue after their friend’s wedding

LOVE Island couple Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood have had a spat following their friend’s wedding.


Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood had a spat following their friend’s wedding

The adored up couple squabbled with each other hours after their buddy’s pre-marriage ceremony.

It started after Chris recorded a clasp of himself and the blonde excellence on Instagram Stories.

Demonstrating Olivia in a white dress and jacket, the blue-looked at hunk stated: “Clearly wedding vibes”.

To which an uncovered footed Olivia reacted: “Not wedding vibes.”

Olivia initially grew annoyed after Chris panned down at her bare feet 

He later told her to come to his side when a car was approaching, but she was confused about what side to go to

He at that point panned down to her feet previously she snapped at him and stated: “Oi!”.

An auto at that point drew nearer behind them, and he raced to pull his better half to wellbeing.

Getting befuddled she asked, which side, before setting off to Chris’ side.

Olivia also posted a picture of herself ready for the wedding 

The reality TV hunk also shared a selfie of himself in his wedding ensemble

He at that point said a swearword as the clasp finished.

Chris looked smart as he wore a pink suit for the uncommon event.

He posted a selfie before on Sunday, inscribed: “Pink Suit vibeeeees”.

Fans complimented the unscripted television star, with one saying: “what gorgeous like would someone be able to get”, while another expressed: “your an exceptionally attractive young fellow”.

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