Raptors GM on Trump: ‘I am proud of my shithole’News 

Raptors GM on Trump: ‘I am proud of my shithole’

Raptors GM on Trump: ‘I am proud of my shithole’

Highly revered Raptors basic manager Masai Ujiri is one African immigrant who needs to end up President Donald Trump flawed.

Ujiri, who moved to the U.s. from Nigeria in 1993 to play faculty basketball and later was the first African-born GM in NBA historical past, set out on Friday to color a favorable picture of his home continent, a day after Trump used to be quoted calling Haiti and African countries “shithole countries” all through an immigration meeting.

“I don’t understand that just because somebody lives in a hut, that doesn’t imply that isn’t an even person, that that individual can’t do better, that individual isn’t in a position to being great,” Ujiri advised ESPN as a part of a thoughtful speech on the progress he has observed for Africans out of the country and in the States. “And just because it’s a hut  — whatever that means — doesn’t mean it’s now not a home. God doesn’t placed anyone someplace completely.

“i am a residing testimony to that. If I grew up in a shithole, i am happy with my shithole.”

Ujiri, the 2013 NBA Government of the 12 Months even as with the Nuggets, described his visits final summer to cities all through Africa, including a forestall at a refugee camp in Dadaab the place he said he met “good folks and just right households with plenty of hope.”

“If those places are being cited as shitholes, cross visit the ones puts, and cross meet the ones people,” Ujiri stated. “I don’t suppose it’s honest, and i don’t suppose it’s what inspiring leadership can also be. What feel of desire are we giving people in the event you are calling where they reside — and where they’re from — a shithole?”

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Trump denied using the slur in a tweet Friday morning, at the same time as Democratic senator Dick Durbin confirmed the phrases got here out of the president’s mouth not as soon as, but “repeatedly.”

Ujiri sought to make a common touch upon a country’s leader using derogatory language to marginalize a make a choice staff of people. The 47-yr-old has been an American immigrant good fortune story, so much recently guiding the Raptors to the highest of the Japanese Conference because extending his agreement final year. The Knicks were concentrated on Ujiri within the offseason as a potential alternative at their GM place until he dropped out of the race in June.

“I’ve spent a lot of time within the Usa and Canada and i am thankful for the possibilities that I’ve been given via people, and the sport of basketball, and the NBA,” mentioned Ujiri, who spearheads multiple neighborhood service efforts in Africa. “As leaders, i think we’ve got to present folks in lots of places a possibility to have good fortune, not continue to put the ones other folks down.

“We have to encourage people and give them a sense of wish. we’d like to deliver people along, not ridicule and tear them down. This can’t be the message that we settle for from the chief of the free global.

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