Scott Stringer’s brother owes more than $400K in taxesNews 

Scott Stringer’s brother owes more than $400K in taxes

Scott Stringer’s brother owes more than $400K in taxes

City Comptroller Scott Stringer should audit his kid brother.

David Stringer, a 56-year-old real-estate broker, is a serial tax deadbeat who owes the IRS and state Tax Department as much as $447,370 while his brother preaches financial prudence as the city’s budget watchdog, The Post has learned.

The IRS filed a lien for $270,775.85 against David on Aug. 6, 2012, records show.

Meanwhile, the state Tax Department filed two warrants against him — one for $122,700 on Oct. 30, 2013, and another for $5,174.72 on March 23, 2017.

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The department confirmed that David Stringer has failed to pay off the back taxes and now his liability, with penalties and late fees, has mushroomed to $175,595.68.

David has a history of leaving a trail of angry creditors in the lurch, according to a personal bankruptcy case he filed in 2011.

Records showed he stiffed a former employer, Murray Hill Properties, out of $150,000 that it fronted him.

Prior to the bankruptcy filing, a Manhattan state Supreme Court justice issued a judgment against him on behalf of Murray Hill Properties.

He also owed $10,000 to the landlord of an apartment he rented in a five-story walk-up at 303 W. 74th St., bankruptcy-court records show.

Building manager David Brown called him the tenant from hell.

“Stringer skipped out owing a lot of money,” Brown said. “I never had a worse tenant. I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone.”

Brown also said David left Apartment 4F in a mess.

“He couldn’t hold on to a job,” the building manager said. “He never cleaned up after his cats. Everything in the apartment stunk. We had to fumigate the apartment when he left. It took us months to get that apartment in shape.”

Brown said he knew that David was Scott’s brother — and that David would try to intimidate him by saying he knew “powerful people in high places.”

David Stringer has been slapped with more than 20 tax liens, judgments and lawsuits over three decades. Other creditors have included the New York Cat Hospital, his dentist and doctor, and Con Ed. He previously received a blizzard of liens from the state and the IRS dating back to 1996, records show.

One Upper West Side Democratic Party source who knows the Stringer family well said David’s financial and personal problems could be a political liability for the comptroller if it turns out Scott Stringer pulled any strings or favors to help his troubled brother land jobs.

“David didn’t do well in real estate. He was terrible,” the insider said. “He was a screw-up. He was all show and no substance. David loved the high life.”

The source said David’s troubled work history raises questions about how he has been able continue to secure jobs with major real-estate firms.

David Stringer did not return phone and e-mail requests for comment.

Scott Stringer declined to comment.

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