Trump ‘less inclined’ to meet with Mueller after FBI raidNews 

Trump ‘less inclined’ to meet with Mueller after FBI raid

Trump ‘less inclined’ to meet with Mueller after FBI raid

President Trump — who previously said that he looked forward to a sitdown under oath with special counsel Robert Mueller — changed his tune after the feds raid on his personal attorney, a report said Tuesday.

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Trump rages about 'WITCH HUNT' after FBI raid

Trump rages about ‘WITCH HUNT’ after FBI raid

President Trump continued expressing his outrage at the FBI’s raid…

Trump and his legal team said that the president is “less inclined” to meet with Mueller’s team of investigators, ABC News reported.

Trump — who staged a public freakout Monday after news broke that the FBI had raided the office and hotel room of lawyer Michael Cohen — was “understandably less trusting” of Mueller, an administration source told the network.

Other sources said Trump’s advisers don’t know how to handle the volatile commander-in-chief — who went off Monday on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, Mueller, ex-top G-man James Comey and Hillary Clinton, among others — at an event that was supposedly about Syria’s chemical weapons attack.

In March, Trump had said he was willing to undergo a grilling by Mueller’s team.

“Sure I would like to. I would like to,” he said then.

But Trump was now raging about what he called abuse of attorney-client privilege after feds raided Cohen.

“Attorney-client privilege is dead!” he tweeted, calling Mueller’s probe “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!”

Agents seized records on topics including a $130,000 payment made to porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Trump called Mueller’s investigation “an attack on our country,” prompting speculation that he might try to fire the special prosecutor to derail his probe.

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