From 'alternative facts' to rewriting history in Trump's White HouseNews 

From ‘alternative facts’ to rewriting history in Trump’s White House

From 'alternative facts' to rewriting history in Trump's White House

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Anyway back to my tweet pronouncing the president was once factually wrong. Straight again shot Stephanie Grisham, who is the primary lady’s director of communications, however extra importantly on the time was once Donald Trump’s press individual for the commute to Turnberry.

She told me on Twitter the president was proper to say what he had stated – and he or she had the pictures to prove it.

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Now for one more random event which came about the day gone by. The White House has mentioned that it’ll not supply information about while the president holds conversations with overseas leaders, as it has all the time done hitherto.

The bills of the chats can have been anodyne and terse, however they have been an invaluable software to keep monitor of overseas policy priorities. And it was once all the time helpful to compare and contrast what, say, the Kremlin could have to mention concerning the conversation compared to the White Area. Now we will no longer have the ability to do that.

And so as to the overall thing. Donald Trump was talking at a rally in Kansas Town. And he got here out with a memorable word that sounded as if it had been lifted instantly from George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984. He stated: “Just understand that, what you might be seeing and what you’re studying is not what is taking place.”

Or it’s. there is just a concerted – and infrequently it would appear – systematic effort to make you think that differently.

Disregard selection facts. that is rewriting historical past.

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