Miss America battle heats upNews 

Miss America battle heats up

Miss America battle heats up

The combat traces have grown deeper at the back of the scenes on the Miss The Us Group.

Page Six said over the weekend at the controversy over 4 board participants leaving after simply months at the process under new chairwoman Gretchen Carlson — who took over this year, and last month introduced Miss America was once losing its suit festival.

Now reps from 22 state pageants have signed a petition calling for the resignations of the remainder board, together with Carlson.

But studies stated 30 former Pass Over Americas then signed their very own letter expressing complete beef up for Carlson and the board. One insider pointed out to Web Page Six of the latest moves that it’s the state organizations that have extra power — calling the previous Miss Americas “a social club” and “now not a stakeholder with anything else in danger.”

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