Subway copper thief’s release has MTA on high alertNews 

Subway copper thief’s release has MTA on high alert

Subway copper thief’s release has MTA on high alert

This thief has some mettle.

Prince Hayes has been ripping off copper wiring from the new York City subway gadget for greater than a decade — against the law that has resulted in dozens of teach delays and a vast amount of money in upkeep.

Armed with pliers and a hacksaw, the daring criminal deftly cuts and eliminates portions of the thick copper cable within the subway tunnels, a part of the ability circuits streaming loads of volts of electricity.

Hayes, 56, is so adept at chopping the wires that he does so whilst trains are rushing by way of at breakneck speeds. Cutting the inaccurate part of the heavy cable could result in electrocution and demise.

The Brooklyn-based totally menace sells the copper parts at scrapyards within the borough for as much as $5 a pound. the money might be feeding a drug habit, assets said, pointing to several previous drug-ownership charges.

His crimes may cause subway mayhem, or even risk straphangers’ lives.

When Hayes goes in for the theft, the broken cable can commute the emergency brakes on a teach. MTA crews are then despatched in to investigate the stopped train, inflicting large delays down the line.

in one instance, Hayes’ copper thefts brought about an explosion in a subway tunnel, government stated. On some other occasion, his handiwork brought about the MTA to droop provider on one subway line and re-route trains on three different strains.

Hayes has a rap sheet of FORTY NINE arrests that goes back to 1989. He was sentenced in 2016 to 2 years in prison for reckless endangerment for stealing copper and endangering the lives of passengers, government said, and has been locked up on the Wyoming Correctional Facility in Attica.

However he was once recently granted parole, and could be back prowling the tunnels via the summer time.

The MTA has had Hayes in its attractions for the reason that at least 2005. each time he’s released from jail, the NYPD makes a point of alerting officers on the MTA that Hayes is free and could strike once more, an MTA professional informed The Publish.

In The earlier, when he’s left prison, it doesn’t take long for Hayes to leap onto the tracks and prowl the educate tunnels, hacking off sections of copper cable.

“We don’t in most cases discuss such crimes in order to not encourage others to attempt this,” Big Apple Town Transit president Andy Byford advised The Post. “This individual is a recognized recidivist and we work carefully with NYPD to offer protection to our belongings.”

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